On renaming

You know the most disgusting thing about some liberals? How much they rename things. Like calling pro-life people “anti-choice”. Why? What is the point of that? Even if you think that it is more accurate, guess what? It’s not your place. I mean think about it. Do you respect pro-lifers more when they insist on calling you “pro-murder” instead of “pro-choice”? This insistence on renaming like it means something is just childish and petty, and ultimately added to my complete disgust and break from most liberal ideology.

Another one is calling Tea Partiers “Tea-baggers” and giggling about the middle school slang implications of it. wow, that’s reaaaaaaaaal original /rolls eyes. I, however, find it an excellent renaming choice on the part of liberals. I’d teabag any Demorat that gave me 1/4 of a reason and half an opportunity. Oh look, I renamed the enemy! *pats self on back* look how smart I am! lmao ❤

And yes, renaming is done by conservatives as well. I’m sure everyone’s heard “demorat” and “libtard” and the rest. Is that any less cringe-inducing, childish, and irritating? No. However, the right, conservative side of the political spectrum contains the people that think the Earth is 4,000 years old, and that Harry Potter is seducing our children into witchcraft and Satan-worship. Forgive me for having lesser expectations of them.

In other words, grow the fuck up everyone.


2 Responses to “On renaming”

  1. Ochiudo Says:

    I disagree. Talk to anybody involved in marketing, and he will tell you that re-naming things like that has a HUGE effect on public perception of the issue. We are a lot less rational than we’d like to believe, and stuff like this DOES affect the way we think.
    There’s many examples from such basic stuff as food marketing, where you really don’t expect it to make much of a difference. There are certain syllables that, when used in a product name, will make the product sell better. Here in Germany there is a dairy-producer who used to sell their milk under the brandname “Tuffi”. Very unsexy name, but it’s been around for almost 50 years now and they never thought about changing it – until 2 years ago that is. Their milk now goes by “Milbona”, basically a combination of “milk” and “bonum” (latin for “good”, and with sufficient similarities to similar words in other languages to carry the implication subcosciously even to those who do not know any latin)
    – And sales went up. Just as they did when they invented the fancy new word “co-enzyme” to write on their packages. Some years back, “co-enzymes” used to be known as VITAMINS, but as soon as people got used to the word they stopped buying the products that were advertised with it.

    It’s not fun to admit this to ourselves, but stuff like this DOES matter a great deal. And in politics especially, it is not a sign of petty childishness, but of an understanding of how the game works. In politics charisma matters more than competence, and word-play more than argument. Sad but true.

    • Lasciel Says:

      I know what word you use effects how people think-but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s childish and petty to rename someone else. The milk company made the decision to change their name and be known as something else. If their rival company had renamed the milk company, they’d probably call it Rotten Milk instead of Milbona.

      If things like that are truly important and necessary for liberals to do; then I want no part of them. Because what that says is that each side is exactly the same, manipulating people and spouting whatever will get them into power, with no genuine feelings on the issue. Then there is absolutely no point in democratic politics. You’re voting for the same person no matter what you do.

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