House OKs Access Missouri changes

The Access Missouri grant is awarded to Missouri college students with financial needs.

The changes that have occurred have lowered the maximum grant money received by students at private colleges and universities from a generous $4,600 to a trimmer $3000.

The state politicians have given themselves a pat on the back for spreading equality, despite the fact that private college students receive the most money because private college tends to be, y’know, a bit more expensive. State/public colleges get more money than community colleges for the exact same reason. Or they used to.

It should be noted that now students at state and community colleges will receive a higher maximum payment now, for which I am glad. Did it have to be bought at the expense of private university students? I would have liked to seen them all raised to the highest, not chopped up and then averaged out :/

But none of that bothers me. This state is undergoing a budget crisis, and so raising the grant money for everyone is not really feasible. Averaging is probably the fairest option.

No, the thing that has me pissed off is that our dear Governor Jay Nixon actually considered cutting all Access Missouri funding for students at private colleges. W.T.F?!?

I will confess to something shameful; I actually supported this man in the ’08 elections. Besides this fun bit about hanging private students out to dry, he’s also cut funding for expanding broadband internet into rural Missouri. That’s politics for ya though. It’s always ready and willing to teach a young person an extremely important lesson: never have too much faith in anyone. Nixon is a better governor than Blunt was, but c’mon, that’s not a hard category to get into.


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