Civility: now that’d be a miracle

Lately, the ICP song “Miracles” has been getting a lot of attention. On most sites, it’s just produced a bit of giggling and some serious talk about anti-science.

If you want to know the exact lyrics of their new song you can easily google them or watch the video on Youtube. It expresses a certain wonderment over nature and the universe, and a distrust of traditionally accepted scientific facts. So I was highly amused when someone actually went and explained how these “wonders” of the universe worked. Skepchick did it here. Now, I found her script between the two members of ICP to be one of the funnier things I’d read that day, and as a juggalette, did not find it offensive in the least. I then did something extremely stupid: I read the comment section on the post.
I then learned that:

“Every juggalo is an amazingly stupid and pathetic human being”
“Most ICP fans are fucking morons”
And the truly hilaristurbing “I knew an ICP fan that sucked, so all ICP’s fans suck!” <— rough re-phrasing of a million comments

See, I thought in a blog on "skepticism" which usually has something to do with logic and reason, people might realize that one person does not a group make. Met an asshole Chinese person? All Chinese people must be assholes! That is exactly the kind of fail logic that I thought we had dismissed by at least high school.

And much more of the same. Then came the defense that the first statement up there was a joke.
Frankly, if something's not funny, the joke defense doesn't apply so well. Then some more idiotic comments to prove "ohhhhh we'z all about the lulz n just joking here". Well, it's just double-fail for them if it actually was intended to be amusing, because it failed rather spectacularly.

It's the same tired old crap: you listen to this music, so you must be stupid/shallow/white/black/a weaboo/suicidal/crazy/emo/queer/a redneck/whatever. It feels really, really fucking redundant to say this, because I thought most people that possessed at least 2 brain cells had gotten this through their head:

People enjoy different kinds of music. While possibly music may spread harmful messages, does that mean it's cool to make all kinds of generalizations and stereotypes about people because they like a certain type of music? Is it a good thing to make people feel bad because they like music and enjoy it?

Frankly, a lot of ICP songs make me laugh, which is why I love them. I, like many people apparently, enjoy laughing and being entertained. If that makes me a stupid, pathetic moron to some people, well, I'd rather not see their idea of smart :]


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