Arizona Hubbub

Everyone’s talking about the recent Arizona immigration reform. I’ve heard people being civil on both sides and people being stupid, ignorant, and bigoted on both sides.

But! Why was it that I was surprised to see the protesters against this bill holding up signs comparing it to Nazidom, calling Arizona “Naziona” and the like. Shit. Ain’t. Cool.

For all the worries about racial profiling, violation of human rights, etc., the fact remains that there are many, many countries out there that are much stricter and harsher in dealing with illegal immigrants. I really don’t think they, or Arizona’s new bill, are quite comparable to the genocide and mass murders that went on under Hitler. People are not being rounded up and killed, illegal immigrants or otherwise.

And! This coming so shortly after the Tea Partiers were scolded by the left for waving signs with Obama sporting a Hitler mustache… Just like the liberal anti-war protesters adorned Bush with during his presidency. My point? What the hell is wrong with people, honestly? I am starting to think that just thinking about politics turns people crazy. Also, that while I often see hypocrisy on every bit of the political spectrum, liberals lately are working very hard to do their part and reach the top of the hypocrisy pile.

You know, if I had any faith in humanity left at all, I might be a little sad that one of the most tragic events in history is continually exploited to toy with people’s emotions over relatively petty matters. Good thing my faith=0%.

And Obama thinks immigrants should have to learn English. ROFL what that has to do with this I don’t even, not to mention it’s a total reversal from what he’s said and voted before. I really don’t see why anyone should have to learn English to live in this country. Sure, it helps, but I think the language used in this country should stand on it’s own usefulness, not on forcing people to use it.

Also: I challenge you, dear reader, that if you are having an opinion on this bill, please go read the goddamned thing. Legalese is boring, but if you’ve gotten the summary from your grandmother or favorite biased blog, the least you can do is go skim the important, tasty bits of it if you plan on opening your mouth on the subject.

Adieu! for today.


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