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May 20th is “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day”

May 20, 2010

To promote free speech and religious freedom, those of who can are exercising our right to draw Mohammad.
Well, I actually drew Meowhammad.

He looks better in full view, but I didn’t want to break the page with a huge image.


the usefulness of ethnic studies

May 13, 2010

Today I read that Arizona had cut ethnic studies classes. In truth I am less interested in the right or wrong of this particular move, and more interested in the actual usefulness of ethnic study classes.

Assuming two things, that
1. Ethnic studies classes are popular with people of the studied heritage
2. Minority students have a tougher time getting into good colleges, and lower graduation rates

I wonder if it’s really a good idea for a minority student to take them at all? I would encourage my own children (if/when I have some) to take math, science, or computer electives, possibly more foreign language classes. Regardless of whether you think Admissions tests like the SATs or ACT tests are useful, they are still required to get into many good schools. I just don’t see how knowing about the heritage and history of a certain culture/ethnic group will help one perform better on them. If your heart is set on formally studying it, there’s plenty of room for electives at college.

Also, assuming that one is legitimately interested in that heritage, and not just looking for an easy A, I have never found history/culture a particularly hard subject to research. Partly because it’s what I enjoy the most, but a lot of people love writing about their experiences living in other countries and dealing with other cultures. With the internet, it’s not difficult to ask people of those cultures first-hand either. Your own relatives may have valuable information.

Another issue I have with ethnic studies is that there is almost no way most public schools could offer a class for every student’s particular heritage. That will inevitably deny a group, whether it’s Mexican-Americans, African-Americans, German-Americans (you get the picture) the ability to formally study their own culture in a middle/high school setting. Cultures with small populations will inevitably lose out. I suggested earlier that there just be a class where students do an individual heritage study or study a particular culture and each do reports, presentations, etc on it. That’s a possibility, but I still think it’s a wasted credit. School should help you study what you cannot do on your own-a student wanting to weight-train, but lacking their own gym equipment, can often take a gym elective and gain access to the weight room. A budding astronomy enthusiast can gain equipment access without having to shell out their own cash for a telescope, etc.

I studied Spanish in high school, and we learned quite a bit about the Spanish-speaking countries and their cultures and histories. If not for Spanish-I I would have no clue about how Mexico gained it’s independence. Many say the best way to study a country or it’s culture is to study it’s language. Yet, while I’ve seen African-American Studies offered, apparently the non-Colonial languages of Africa have no usefulness in the eyes of educators, or pro-ethnic studies people, because I have NEVER seen any African language classes offered.

What does an ethnic studies class provide that can’t be found at home, or at a library? I very much welcome the experiences and opinions of people that have been in or taught an ethnic studies class. Or anybody’s opinions on the matter.

What prompted this post? SCHOOL IS OUT! 😀

Civil Unions and Why They Suck

May 13, 2010

You know, people have asked me how I can so virulently oppose civil unions and yet call myself a supporter of gay rights.

To me, they look like nothing but another attempt at ‘separate but “equal”‘ new gay marriage version.
People for civil unions often say there is nothing special about the word marriage, but if so, why don’t we all, het&homo alike, have civil unions instead? Or, y’know, we could all have marriages 🙂

To me they are the biggest put-down, spit-on, slap-in-the-face that could ever be dreamed of for a gay person. Call me a disgusting, vile prevert, a corrupter of children, soulless and destined for hell, but don’t throw me a shitty table-scrap bone like “civil unions” and expect me to kiss your ass and be grateful for it.

It’s a funny thing about rights-they’re inherent, aren’t they? So why should you be happy when someone is offering you less than your full right?

I am always told I should support these people that want same-sex couples to be able to have a civil union. But the thing is, these people, usually Democrats or liberals, really should know better. They have utterly no excuse. They do not have a fanatical evangelistic demographic to cater for, and are supposed to be the politicians for the working man, the oppressed, the minority. What is their excuse? Fuck them. I’ll vote for the guy telling me I’m going to hell before I’ll vote for you, you little half-assed cowardly homo-hating asshole who doesn’t even have the guts to call a homosexual a dyke or a faggot and evil. Because surely that’s what someone thinking “civil unions are ok but marriage? hey no!” really believes, the shit-eating cretins.

Such people are not even worthy of being spat on.

/my exclusive individual opinion, which is likely quite different than yours but hey! that’s ok cause different lives, thoughts, personalities, etc. I have no problems with people getting them where they’re available, but I do have a serious issue with being expected to act like someone is the Savior of teh Gays because they support the right to “civil unions”.

May 5, 2010

Sen. Mike Bennett Caught Looking at Entertaining Videos on Senate Floor during an abortion law debate.

The mandatory ultrasounds is a damned sad waste of government money, which most Republicans claim to be against. Medicaid doesn’t cover abortions in most cases, but if you are poor and pregnant, in most cases you will automatically qualify for Medicaid, which would cover an ultrasound.

Gotta love how everyone jumps on the omg!he-was-watching porn boat though. Sure, undressing can be alluring, but it doesn’t sound particularly graphic, and anygays, the female body should be appreciated whenever possible :] All the video he watched (and that everyone’s peeing their pants over and labeling porn) was some women removing their swimsuit tops. Hardly porn.

Immigration Again-MO style

May 3, 2010

So Missouri is one of 10 states considering following in Arizona’s footsteps on this immigration bill. No surprise, considering one of the people with a hand in creating the bill was a Missouri professor. The Missouri immigration law will target anyone who conceals or gives shelter to an illegal immigrant. Supposedly, it is to crack down on people smuggling immigrants into the state.

What it brings to mind for me are the shelters for victims of domestic violence in this state-some of who undoubtedly, give shelter to victims who are also in the country illegally. Now, I’m sure some are willing to break the laws when it comes to concealing and aiding women in need, but I don’t know that all of them would. For that reason, the impact of this bill worries me 😦

Other than that, there’s not much to attack about this bill. Missouri’s immigrants, while I’m sure many are from Mexico and South America, are not solely from there. There are many from Europe and Asia as well, so at least the issue of racial profiling will be abated. That doesn’t mean it’ll be a cakewalk for legal immigrants and anyone sporting a foreign accent. Also, the Arizona bill has been reworked to make it clearer that racial profiling is not tolerable. So, let’s see how this all works out.