Immigration Again-MO style

So Missouri is one of 10 states considering following in Arizona’s footsteps on this immigration bill. No surprise, considering one of the people with a hand in creating the bill was a Missouri professor. The Missouri immigration law will target anyone who conceals or gives shelter to an illegal immigrant. Supposedly, it is to crack down on people smuggling immigrants into the state.

What it brings to mind for me are the shelters for victims of domestic violence in this state-some of who undoubtedly, give shelter to victims who are also in the country illegally. Now, I’m sure some are willing to break the laws when it comes to concealing and aiding women in need, but I don’t know that all of them would. For that reason, the impact of this bill worries me 😦

Other than that, there’s not much to attack about this bill. Missouri’s immigrants, while I’m sure many are from Mexico and South America, are not solely from there. There are many from Europe and Asia as well, so at least the issue of racial profiling will be abated. That doesn’t mean it’ll be a cakewalk for legal immigrants and anyone sporting a foreign accent. Also, the Arizona bill has been reworked to make it clearer that racial profiling is not tolerable. So, let’s see how this all works out.


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