May 5, 2010

Sen. Mike Bennett Caught Looking at Entertaining Videos on Senate Floor during an abortion law debate.

The mandatory ultrasounds is a damned sad waste of government money, which most Republicans claim to be against. Medicaid doesn’t cover abortions in most cases, but if you are poor and pregnant, in most cases you will automatically qualify for Medicaid, which would cover an ultrasound.

Gotta love how everyone jumps on the omg!he-was-watching porn boat though. Sure, undressing can be alluring, but it doesn’t sound particularly graphic, and anygays, the female body should be appreciated whenever possible :] All the video he watched (and that everyone’s peeing their pants over and labeling porn) was some women removing their swimsuit tops. Hardly porn.


Immigration Again-MO style

May 3, 2010

So Missouri is one of 10 states considering following in Arizona’s footsteps on this immigration bill. No surprise, considering one of the people with a hand in creating the bill was a Missouri professor. The Missouri immigration law will target anyone who conceals or gives shelter to an illegal immigrant. Supposedly, it is to crack down on people smuggling immigrants into the state.

What it brings to mind for me are the shelters for victims of domestic violence in this state-some of who undoubtedly, give shelter to victims who are also in the country illegally. Now, I’m sure some are willing to break the laws when it comes to concealing and aiding women in need, but I don’t know that all of them would. For that reason, the impact of this bill worries me 😦

Other than that, there’s not much to attack about this bill. Missouri’s immigrants, while I’m sure many are from Mexico and South America, are not solely from there. There are many from Europe and Asia as well, so at least the issue of racial profiling will be abated. That doesn’t mean it’ll be a cakewalk for legal immigrants and anyone sporting a foreign accent. Also, the Arizona bill has been reworked to make it clearer that racial profiling is not tolerable. So, let’s see how this all works out.

Arizona Hubbub

April 28, 2010

Everyone’s talking about the recent Arizona immigration reform. I’ve heard people being civil on both sides and people being stupid, ignorant, and bigoted on both sides.

But! Why was it that I was surprised to see the protesters against this bill holding up signs comparing it to Nazidom, calling Arizona “Naziona” and the like. Shit. Ain’t. Cool.

For all the worries about racial profiling, violation of human rights, etc., the fact remains that there are many, many countries out there that are much stricter and harsher in dealing with illegal immigrants. I really don’t think they, or Arizona’s new bill, are quite comparable to the genocide and mass murders that went on under Hitler. People are not being rounded up and killed, illegal immigrants or otherwise.

And! This coming so shortly after the Tea Partiers were scolded by the left for waving signs with Obama sporting a Hitler mustache… Just like the liberal anti-war protesters adorned Bush with during his presidency. My point? What the hell is wrong with people, honestly? I am starting to think that just thinking about politics turns people crazy. Also, that while I often see hypocrisy on every bit of the political spectrum, liberals lately are working very hard to do their part and reach the top of the hypocrisy pile.

You know, if I had any faith in humanity left at all, I might be a little sad that one of the most tragic events in history is continually exploited to toy with people’s emotions over relatively petty matters. Good thing my faith=0%.

And Obama thinks immigrants should have to learn English. ROFL what that has to do with this I don’t even, not to mention it’s a total reversal from what he’s said and voted before. I really don’t see why anyone should have to learn English to live in this country. Sure, it helps, but I think the language used in this country should stand on it’s own usefulness, not on forcing people to use it.

Also: I challenge you, dear reader, that if you are having an opinion on this bill, please go read the goddamned thing. Legalese is boring, but if you’ve gotten the summary from your grandmother or favorite biased blog, the least you can do is go skim the important, tasty bits of it if you plan on opening your mouth on the subject.

Adieu! for today.

Civility: now that’d be a miracle

April 25, 2010

Lately, the ICP song “Miracles” has been getting a lot of attention. On most sites, it’s just produced a bit of giggling and some serious talk about anti-science.

If you want to know the exact lyrics of their new song you can easily google them or watch the video on Youtube. It expresses a certain wonderment over nature and the universe, and a distrust of traditionally accepted scientific facts. So I was highly amused when someone actually went and explained how these “wonders” of the universe worked. Skepchick did it here. Now, I found her script between the two members of ICP to be one of the funnier things I’d read that day, and as a juggalette, did not find it offensive in the least. I then did something extremely stupid: I read the comment section on the post.
I then learned that:

“Every juggalo is an amazingly stupid and pathetic human being”
“Most ICP fans are fucking morons”
And the truly hilaristurbing “I knew an ICP fan that sucked, so all ICP’s fans suck!” <— rough re-phrasing of a million comments

See, I thought in a blog on "skepticism" which usually has something to do with logic and reason, people might realize that one person does not a group make. Met an asshole Chinese person? All Chinese people must be assholes! That is exactly the kind of fail logic that I thought we had dismissed by at least high school.

And much more of the same. Then came the defense that the first statement up there was a joke.
Frankly, if something's not funny, the joke defense doesn't apply so well. Then some more idiotic comments to prove "ohhhhh we'z all about the lulz n just joking here". Well, it's just double-fail for them if it actually was intended to be amusing, because it failed rather spectacularly.

It's the same tired old crap: you listen to this music, so you must be stupid/shallow/white/black/a weaboo/suicidal/crazy/emo/queer/a redneck/whatever. It feels really, really fucking redundant to say this, because I thought most people that possessed at least 2 brain cells had gotten this through their head:

People enjoy different kinds of music. While possibly music may spread harmful messages, does that mean it's cool to make all kinds of generalizations and stereotypes about people because they like a certain type of music? Is it a good thing to make people feel bad because they like music and enjoy it?

Frankly, a lot of ICP songs make me laugh, which is why I love them. I, like many people apparently, enjoy laughing and being entertained. If that makes me a stupid, pathetic moron to some people, well, I'd rather not see their idea of smart :]

April 20, 2010

House OKs Access Missouri changes

The Access Missouri grant is awarded to Missouri college students with financial needs.

The changes that have occurred have lowered the maximum grant money received by students at private colleges and universities from a generous $4,600 to a trimmer $3000.

The state politicians have given themselves a pat on the back for spreading equality, despite the fact that private college students receive the most money because private college tends to be, y’know, a bit more expensive. State/public colleges get more money than community colleges for the exact same reason. Or they used to.

It should be noted that now students at state and community colleges will receive a higher maximum payment now, for which I am glad. Did it have to be bought at the expense of private university students? I would have liked to seen them all raised to the highest, not chopped up and then averaged out :/

But none of that bothers me. This state is undergoing a budget crisis, and so raising the grant money for everyone is not really feasible. Averaging is probably the fairest option.

No, the thing that has me pissed off is that our dear Governor Jay Nixon actually considered cutting all Access Missouri funding for students at private colleges. W.T.F?!?

I will confess to something shameful; I actually supported this man in the ’08 elections. Besides this fun bit about hanging private students out to dry, he’s also cut funding for expanding broadband internet into rural Missouri. That’s politics for ya though. It’s always ready and willing to teach a young person an extremely important lesson: never have too much faith in anyone. Nixon is a better governor than Blunt was, but c’mon, that’s not a hard category to get into.

April 19, 2010

Women to blame for earthquakes, as well as all that other bad stuff in the world apparently 😛
Just the usual bonehead religious fanatic statement, but, although all the blame is squarely on females, their only part in actually causing the earthquakes is apparently dressing sexy and tempting men, who are the only ones actually behind the earthquakes?

Whatevs. If it wasn’t so incredibly lulzy a claim I wouldn’t have even paid it any mind. I swear to god most of those clerics have to just sit around and think up this shit, laughing their asses off and seeing who can come up with the most ridiculous crap to tell the public.

On renaming

April 17, 2010

You know the most disgusting thing about some liberals? How much they rename things. Like calling pro-life people “anti-choice”. Why? What is the point of that? Even if you think that it is more accurate, guess what? It’s not your place. I mean think about it. Do you respect pro-lifers more when they insist on calling you “pro-murder” instead of “pro-choice”? This insistence on renaming like it means something is just childish and petty, and ultimately added to my complete disgust and break from most liberal ideology.

Another one is calling Tea Partiers “Tea-baggers” and giggling about the middle school slang implications of it. wow, that’s reaaaaaaaaal original /rolls eyes. I, however, find it an excellent renaming choice on the part of liberals. I’d teabag any Demorat that gave me 1/4 of a reason and half an opportunity. Oh look, I renamed the enemy! *pats self on back* look how smart I am! lmao ❤

And yes, renaming is done by conservatives as well. I’m sure everyone’s heard “demorat” and “libtard” and the rest. Is that any less cringe-inducing, childish, and irritating? No. However, the right, conservative side of the political spectrum contains the people that think the Earth is 4,000 years old, and that Harry Potter is seducing our children into witchcraft and Satan-worship. Forgive me for having lesser expectations of them.

In other words, grow the fuck up everyone.