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You are now a rich, white, straight, cisgendered, able-bodied man.

June 17, 2010

Let’s talk about an irritating trend that I see happening all over. See, everyone’s always excited over diversity in politics. That politics is and has been the playground of mostly rich white males is so obvious it never even has to be stated.

Who wouldn’t be excited to see more women, non-whites, gay, transgendered, etc. politicians to represent them? Well, apparently liberals, I am honestly surprised to say. As far as diversity goes, the theory seems to be that if you are a woman politican, but you support policies that go against liberal women’s ideas of what’s good for women, then you cease to be a woman.

You are no longer a woman. You are something else, a pawn perhaps, for men, because you couldn’t *possibly* have came up with those ideas yourself. You’re a black man and not a liberal? Sorry, you no longer count as a black politician. You don’t make things more diverse. You don’t make more equal representation. Oh, and you’re gay? But you became a politician because of foreign policy and free trade? And you actually don’t care about fighting for gay marriage rights?

Perish the thought, dear. You are not gay any longer. If you do not subscribe to the ideas of white, middle-class liberals, please line up and have your race, gender identity, and sexuality erased. You are now a rich, white, straight, cisgendered, able-bodied man. Please don’t complain about this-it’s no one’s fault but your own. Were you so naive as to think you could follow your genuine feelings on political issues?

Liberals, pat yourself on the back. Of course it’s your God-granted right to erase people’s race/gender/etc when they cease to agree with you.


May 5, 2010

Sen. Mike Bennett Caught Looking at Entertaining Videos on Senate Floor during an abortion law debate.

The mandatory ultrasounds is a damned sad waste of government money, which most Republicans claim to be against. Medicaid doesn’t cover abortions in most cases, but if you are poor and pregnant, in most cases you will automatically qualify for Medicaid, which would cover an ultrasound.

Gotta love how everyone jumps on the omg!he-was-watching porn boat though. Sure, undressing can be alluring, but it doesn’t sound particularly graphic, and anygays, the female body should be appreciated whenever possible :] All the video he watched (and that everyone’s peeing their pants over and labeling porn) was some women removing their swimsuit tops. Hardly porn.